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Fall 2022 Announcement

“The gift of Dhamma excels all gifts;

the taste of the Dhamma excels all tastes;

the delight in Dhamma excels all delights.

Freedom from craving vanquishes all suffering.”

~ The Buddha, Translated from the Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita,

   (Chapter: The Path, Dhammapada verse 354) 

“Pháp thí thắng mọi thí!

Pháp vị thắng mọi vị!

Pháp hỷ thắng mọi hỷ!

Ái diệt dứt mọi khổ!”

~ Lời Phật Dạy, Dịch Giả (1969): Cố Hoà Thượng Thích Minh Châu,

   từ bản chữ Pali, (Phẩm: Phẩm Đạo, Kinh Pháp Cú - 354)





Dear Friends,


We have some exciting news to share! 

Phuong is fully ordained as a Buddhist nun. Her new Buddhist name is Hanh Lien (virtuous lotus). In future blogs, we will share more details about the entire process and respond to any questions that you have. For now, we just wanted to share our joy with all of you. You can view Phuong’s amazing photos in the gallery: Trip to Vietnam {


Please see Phuong’s letter of gratitude to her mentor, the Venerable Master Bhikshu Minh Tan.

You can also see videos of the ceremony (in Vietnamese) {


Please be sure to send us your questions about any part of this process. 

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha! (May you give homage to the Sage of Shakya, Enlightened One!)







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