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Aparna - 3/26/2021

Phuong has been an inspiration for my inner journey towards peace and contentment. This website is a beautiful and apt way to spread the message of compassion and harmony.

Simon - 4/11/2020

Thanks for all the resources available on the website (great videos) very useful during this confinement ! Great help from Phuong as well to answer all my questions during this journey.

Juliet - 3/22/2020

During these tumultuous times, Phuong has created a welcome respite. The spirit of peace and generosity that is Phuong can now be shared by all who have access to her website.

Priscilla - 3/13/2020

Thank you for introducing me to meditation. I never thought I could rest my mind, but you showed me how to focus on my breathe instead of my thoughts!

Miko - 3/12/2020

I just want to thank Phuong for setting up mindfulness meditation at our workplace and inviting me to her temple. It has been very beneficial to my health.

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