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“A disciple asked the Buddha:”
"Sir, you have extrasensory abilities and compassion; why are there still people who suffer?"


“Buddha replied:”
"Although, I have great extrasensory abilities, there are four things that still cannot be done, namely:”


Article 1:
"Cause and Effect can't be changed; if you sow a cause or a seed, you will receive its result or fruit, and others can't receive the result / fruit in your place."


Article 2:
"Wisdom cannot be given; anyone who wants to have wisdom, must learn and practice."


Article 3:
“Extraordinary Dharma is inexplicable. The true essence of the universe can’t be explained through language. Understanding can only be based on experience."


Article 4:

"Without Karmic connection (which is the spiritual connection between two people), it is not possible to teach someone to liberate oneself. One who doesn't have a Karmic connection with me will never be able to listen to the words that I share. Even if it rains heavily, it is very difficult for rootless trees to absorb water. Although Buddhism is wide open, it is difficult to save oneself without having Karmic connection.” 

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