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Newsletter #1: May 2021

Dear Friends!

We send prayers of comfort and encouragement, and hope that you are all safe and healthy during this ongoing pandemic. Continue to reside in tranquility, awareness, being in the present moment, and accepting the things that are happening around the world. When we breathe in and breathe out, mindfully, we live in the present moment. We pray, we contemplate, we become proactive and aware of the world’s situation. We send merit to those who are suffering and relieve our own suffering at the same time.


Friends, we’re so excited to announce several updates and changes we’ve made in order to improve our communication and stay connected with all of you.


New newsletter: 

One of these changes is this newsletter! We hope to send out a monthly newsletter with information on how to stay connected and what’s new on our website. 

New Facebook Page: 

Please consider connecting with us on Facebook and giving us a “Like” on our new Facebook page.

New website: 

The newest update about our website is the website itself! YES, we have a brand new website with a whole new look and feel. Phuong has been hard at work for several months learning about the backend of website construction and design with the help of our good friend, Eli Africa. Here is the beautiful result of their hard work and dedication: Thong Tri Temple website

Our deepest gratitude to Eli for his aesthetic guidance, patient instruction, and most valuable time! 

New blog post:

Check out the newest blog post on our new website. This post details the Four Types of People and the Good and Bad Characteristics of friends in your life. It is a valuable reminder of the consequence of surrounding ourselves with good and/or bad friends, and how we can be an encouragement to others by emulating the characteristics of a good friend.

As always, we welcome your questions, comments, suggestions, feedback, and prayers. 


We send our love to you all!

Phuong and Christina 

May you all be free from suffering and all the causes of suffering!

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha.

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If you no longer wish to receive the monthly newsletter, please reply to this email with the word, “Unsubscribe.” Thank you!

About the authors:


Phuong Pham is the creator of this website. In 2019, Phuong transitioned to become a Buddhist nun and transformed her home into Thong Tri Temple in Santa Clara, California. Her Buddhist name is Lien Hanh. You can read more about Phuong’s story on our Profiles page


Christina Shon is the content editor of this website. She also creates content along with Phuong. Christina is a former high school English teacher, program coordinator in an Education non-profit, and program manager in Higher Education. She currently lives in Timnath, Colorado and serves as the learning coach and virtual classroom companion for her 8 year old nephew.

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